Blueberries are nutritious, delicious, and versatile.  Whether you like to eat them like candy or bake pies or muffins, the blueberry is a wonderful fruit. At Beacon Woods Farm we grow over 2500 Reka, Northland, Bluecrop, Blue Ribbon, Hannah’s Choice, Sunrise, Elizabeth, and Last Call varieties. We hand pick our scrumptious, mouth watering blueberries from mid to late June through mid August.

Blueberries, although sometimes a  bit finicky to get established, can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s landscape.  In the spring they bloom with white or blushed white tiny little bluebells.  During late June & through August they produce abundant sweet delicious berries.  And then come autumn, they abound with blazing red foliage. What’s not to love?

Most blueberry bushes of the highbush variety eventually grow to four feet tall (or more) and about as wide. They appreciate full sun and an inch of rain per week. They can produce almost 50 years if they are well maintained with pH, fertilizer, and pruning. A mature bush will provide between 10-20 pounds of berries/bush each year, depending on the variety and seasonal conditions. 

Want to grow your own blueberries?

Here’s how to get started, grow, and maintain your blueberry plants.

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