Welcome to Beacon Woods Farm & Flowers! Our small farm is located just east of the Mississippi River in northwestern Illinois near the Quad cities.  “Farmer Chris” runs the operation supported by the Farmer’s Husband Gary (and some really nice equipment!). Farmer’s Husband Gary does most of the heavy equipment operating and all of the equipment maintenance.  We have a total of thirty seven acres of rolling hills, native timber, natural waterways and ponds, and about seven acres of beautiful tillable land.  

Beacon Woods Farm and Flowers holds the philosophy that delicious and nutritious foods come from sustainable & natural practices on the farm.  All our fruits, vegetables & flowers are grown on the farm, are non-GMO, and are mechanically weeded (that’s a nice way of saying Farmer Chris spends a lot of time bent over pulling weeds). Because we are beekeepers and because of the growing concern of pesticides in our local food supply, we use only OMRI approved pesticides on our produce and only if needed.  We pick our produce at the peak of perfection so that you will always be delighted with the beauty, flavor, texture, sweetness & taste. 

We grow and nurture naturally-grown blueberries and blackberries. Our produce includes seasonal honey, homemade fruit syrups and jellies, rocambole garlic, tomatoes (heirloom, slicers, paste, cherry, and grape varieties – all in an assortment of colors and flavors), peppers (green, red, hot, and habanero), yellow, purple, and green beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, summer squash (four varieties) and winter squash (butternut, spaghetti, acorn, carnival, & blue Hubbard), and cucumbers.  In the fall we offer pumpkins from miniature ones to giant 50+ pounders in all sorts of shapes and sizes and lots of decorative gourds. We also grow 200+ varieties of beautiful perennial and amazing annual flowers. Come spring and summer, the farm is a sight to behold!