Did you know that beautiful surroundings enriched by colors and textures, especially through flowers & foliage, provide a calming, comforting environment in which to work & live? Research indicates that people working or living around natural settings have better concentration, improved moods & enhanced energy.  In addition, they report better quality of life & stress reduction.  And who doesn’t want that?

​Beacon Woods Farm & Flowers provides seasonal freshly picked, exquisite and fragrant flowers for individuals, parties, weddings, and occasions.  As your local flower farmer, we are thrilled to serve our Quad City area flower enthusiasts.  We cheerfully provide flowers for many floral arrangers in the area and we’d be happy to connect you to them and to our beautiful flowers.  Or, if your heart is set on a fresh, lovely and locally grown bouquet, request a bouquet direct from the farm for pickup or through the QCFarmersMarket.online cooperative. We have flowers May through October.