Calla lily rhizomes, Mix (13/14+ cm)


Calla lilies have graceful and beautiful flowers that bloom over a long period and the cut flowers seem to last forever in a vase (2 weeks!) Beacon Woods Farm & Flowers sells large rhizomes mixes that may be purple, white, or yellow.

Rhizomes are not the prettiest things, but they sure do produce amazing foliage and flowers! Plant after all danger of frost has past. Plant approximately 3-4 inches deep and 8-12 inches apart. The smooth side of the rhizome is planted down. They prefer full sun but can handle some shade as well, especially in hot summers. Keep well watered throughout the season (but not overwatered!). Be patient, it takes about 2-3 weeks for you to see the first leaves of the calla lily.  But after that, things will really take off. Blooming will begin in 14-16 weeks. Fertilize monthly until blooming occurs.

Calla lilies may be perennials in zones 8 and higher.  The rest of us (like Beacon Woods!) will need to lift and store those roots if we want to use them again.

Shipping available to Illinois and Iowa only. Shipping begins in April.

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